What is VOB file?

VOB file (Video Object) is a container format for DVD-Video media (audio, video, subtitles, and menus). The most typical VOB files sources are DVD Video discs. VOB files are prevailed as usual video files. But if you want to burn a VOB file to DVD, your hardware DVD player will not play it. A proper DVD Video must include additional structure.

How can you convert VOB to MP4?

You may want to decrease VOB files size and make them playable with most players. In this case you need to convert VOB to MP4 format. So what is the simplest way to do it? This is MP4-Converter . You will be astounded how easy is MP4-Converter to use. Just launch MP4-converter, select MP4 format as output video format, select VOB files and click "Convert". MP4-Converter interface has been designed according to all user demands.

MP4-Converter converts any video that you can play on your computer to MP4 format. You can convert VOB to MP4, AVI, WMV, MKV, MOV, M4V, ASF, 3GP to MP4 and other video formats. MP4-Converter will convert audio files as well as video (for example it can convert WMA to MP3).

You can copy converted files to iPod using MP4-Converter. Furthermore MP4-Converter has CD Ripper, video conversion preview feature and tailored settings. You will be delighted with the quality and functionality of MP4-Converter. Try now VOB to MP4 converter.

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